Instructions + Help

Buying any kind of goods is done in 2 steps

Step 1 – you need to insert a link to the object in the product card, whether it is a link to an account, if it is an increase in subscribers, reach, automatic likes. Or, if you buy comments, likes on a post, then insert a link to the post itself

Be careful!

If you made a payment, but entered the data incorrectly, then you can write support within 3 days and correct the purchase task.

An error means if the link field is completely empty or instead of a link to your account, you inserted a link to the photo, in the case of purchasing a product to increase subscribers. That is, they inserted the link that did not fit initially in terms of parameters.

Step 2 – select the amount to increase and add the product to the cart

To the left of the button “to cart” you enter the quantity of goods you need, by default there is a minimum quantity of goods, but you can put any quantity at your discretion.