Instagram – Comments on your texts


You need to write your comment texts in a line. Minimum 10 comments, maximum 500 comments.

Each comment on a new line.

The service is automatic. Execution starts within 60 minutes after ordering. Due to the large flow of orders for this service, sometimes, due to the lack of performers, comments can come with a long delay (up to several days)! Comments do not need to be numbered!

For this service, only text comments can be posted. Comments with @ will not be posted, money for such orders will not be refunded.

Here you can buy comments for Instagram on your texts. You give the texts for the comment (at least 5 comments)! Comments will come in no particular order (they will be chosen by the performers from your list)! Some comments may come many times, and some may not come at all, so it is better to order “with a margin” and be the owner of the account (be able to delete unnecessary comments)!

Pay attention!!!!
To purchase, you need to insert a link to the object.
Link to account, or post / photo, or something else that you need.