Instagram – Mentions (source: another account)


The service is automatic. The execution begins within 96 hours after the start (usually no more than 12 hours).

Mentions are a way to attract live Instagram followers. You provide a link to your photo (preferably the best in quality) and a list of logins of other members whom you want to attract. Next, our system will begin to leave comments to your photo like @username, for each of its subscribers, in random order. Each of these users will receive a notification that they have been mentioned and will be taken to your photo. Many who want this, subscribe to your account. Thus, you can attract live subscribers to your Instagram account by simply choosing another, related account, whose subscribers you want to attract to yourself.

Remember, in order for mentions to be completed correctly, the profile must be open, and commenting must be available on it! If you have a private profile, open it before ordering! For the service, only mentions are made! We cannot give a guarantee for a certain number of attracted subscribers for it, it all depends on the source of the accounts and the quality of your photo!

Pay attention!!!!
To purchase, you need to insert a link to the object.
Link to account, or post / photo, or something else that you need.