How does the Instagram algorithm work?

Why 10 people on Instagram follow the same accounts, but the feed is different? Understanding how the artificial intelligence of Instagram works.

Instagram uses an algorithm that analyzes actions from a social network account. Based on the results of the analysis, a feed of publications suitable for a person is formed for the profile. News feed differs among network visitors, because a number of factors are at the core:

HUMAN INTEREST – Instagram promotes posts on topics of interest to the user. They are defined by tags, geolocation and post text.

INTERACTION WITH ACCOUNTS – there are profiles that a person views more often than others: relatives, friends or favorite bloggers. Previously, the feed will display posts of accounts with which the algorithm has noticed a lot of interactions.

ACTIVITY IN PEOPLE’S PROFILES – the algorithm takes into account likes and comments in accounts that people visit NUMBER OF SUBSCRIPTIONS – the variety of posts in the feed is determined by the number of subscriptions from the account

FREQUENCY OF APPLICATION USE – the algorithm will determine popular posts by likes, comments and display them at the beginning of the feed

BEHAVIOR – the analysis determines where the news is viewed by a person: in the feed or in accounts, and distributes posts so that the user spends more time in the application.

MOOD COMMENTS – even this is controlled by the algorithm. If the comments are negative, the reach of posts in your account will drop and fewer people will see them. Follow the rules to increase the number of interested users. I will describe them below. Steps to a successful Instagram account:

Create a creative profile header. This is the first thing a person sees when they open an Instagram profile. Describe how the publication of the account will be useful to the user and back it up with facts about yourself or the company. Visitors to the Instagram page take into account the information from the header when subscribing to an account. Regularly publish posts and stories on your account. If you break the publication of posts, the Instagram algorithm will see a drop in views and likes, consider the profile uninteresting, stop recommending it to users. Instagram limits the number of publications: for a new account. – 2 posts per day, for an account from 6 months – 10 per day. Do not forget to upload personal photos and record thoughts. People love to look into someone else’s life and discuss intimate, personal. Share your personal experiences with the audience and gain their trust and support. Communicate and engage the audience in discussion. Ask about the interests of the audience, write useful posts and organize contests, polls. Ask to leave feedback at the end of the text. Participate in discussions on accounts with similar content. These profiles have collected CA for your account. Use the correct hashtags. There will be no benefit from millionaires: the publication will be “thrown” at the end of the list. Illiterate, non-thematic hashtags won’t work either.

DO NOT USE “artificial” likes and comments: it is useless! The surge in activity on the account will turn into a downturn. The Instagram algorithm will notice a violation in this. DO NOT USE bots and fanned followers. They will lie “dead weight” and harm your account. A small and active audience will promote an account faster than cheat. Instagram myths Account type affects ranking – artificial intelligence sees personal accounts and business accounts the same; Ideal time to publish posts – there is no difference in days of the week and time; Video is better than photo – depends on the content and interests of users; Instagram does not take into account short comments – even one word or emoticon is taken into account; Like-time is cool – too short-term effect, which will only hurt. Thanks to innovations in Instagram, the algorithm sees and checks the age of the photo, the subject of posts, the mood in the comments and the hidden meaning in the text. This is done to encourage people to create quality content and not promote forbidden topics. The main thing is to create quality content regularly. Not satisfied? Then you have to pay for advertising. When playing by the rules, the Instagram system will promote the account by analyzing it. If you violate the rules of the social network, you risk running into a restriction or getting banned: temporary or life-long, as you are lucky. Don’t wait for warnings. Follow the recommendations, then Instagram users will see and subscribe to your profile.